Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Dreaming isn't as innocent as it sounds. Dreams can hurt whoever carries them. Dreaming means having expectations, and expectation may lead to disappointment. Although it can be used as excelsior*, is it really worth doing it?
I mean... is it something we do deliberately or is it something unconscious?

The more I think about the past, I wonder: Where have all my dreams gone? I still have many goals, but barely no dreams at all. None that existed in the past has survived throughout time. As I grow older, dreams seem to make less and less sense.

I've come to the conclusion that, although, many others believe that dreams have a meaning, to me they're trivial. Dreams constantly change. They are disposable, you can not rely on them. You can not base your life on a dream. You may have goals and perspectives, but dreams are insignificant, they only exist to elude those who want to believe they will come true.

I'm not saying my opinion is necessarily right, but I believe that, every once in a while, people should reflect about what their life stands on. I've met many people whose dreams have survived, and who live not in the present, but in the hope that someday their dreams might come true.

I wonder: Are we living reality, or relying on an elusive lie?

*Excelsior - When you take negativity and use it as fuel to reach your goals.

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