Life Gooal

Senior year's starting in September and I am super excited about it! With it comes major decisions to make.

Life is made of decisions, some are minor and relatively insignificant, and others are huge and may have enormous consequences! Luckily for me I've always been a determined person and I've always had my mind made up about what I want to do after graduating high school:


In a recent past I discovered the perfect course, which allows me to pursue what I want and that is also based on my interests. A degree in Political Science and International Relations seems perfect.

Due my not so bad, yet no so good grades, I'm aware that I'm probably not going to be accepted in a public academic institution. Therefore, I will gladly enroll in the most prestigious, yet quite expensive, Catholic University of Portugal. The UCP has always been my first choice, but because of its high cost it became secondary. At this moment, it happily seems mandatory, and I see it as my last and only option.

The reason I'm so carefree about it, it's because Portugal doesn't have an Ivy League, and this institution is the closest we'll ever get to one. Private institutions of higher education are ladders to success, that's why I'm so crazy about them!

I can honestly say, that enrolling at UCP has definitely become my main life goal.

I seek a diplomatic career in the future, by the way.

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